Sunday, December 15, 2013

Letting the Contractors Loose on Attic Water Damage in Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks, CA experiences sporadic bouts of bad weather which can test roofing systems hard during the winter months; recent changes in weather conditions, however, may worsen that trend. As the roof is often the first line of defense against rains, the attic’s proximity to that shield will be a problem if it gradually gives way– especially if heavy downpours strike. To prevent that threat from getting bigger, you should entrust the prevention of water damage in Sherman Oaks homes to noted contractors such as Southern California Water Damage Pros. The warning signs of water damage in the attic will often include brown spots on certain sections of the ceiling. Corresponding splotches on the attic floor can be traced directly to potential leaks in the underlayment and clogged gutters, the article stated. A water damage restoration team can be put on the case to further map out the scope of the problem.

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