Monday, January 6, 2014

A Guide to Immediate and Proper Response to Water Damage in Pasadena

Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t easily spot these danger signs, and burst pipes can occur out of the blue, resulting to damage to the structure, furniture, and other belongings. As such, homeowners can benefit from learning how to cope with water damage in Pasadena should burst pipes happen, and a good first step is to shut off their water supply. Some homeowners' instinctive response, however, is to gather their valuable possessions, but such a move can be unwise.

Industry insiders stress that residents should avoid touching anything that runs on electricity when they are standing on a wet floor. If the power is out, residents should also avoid lighting matches or cigarette lighters since there may still be a gas leak inside the home. Instead, residents are advised to use a flashlight. Basically, homeowners should make an effort to stay safe should their water pipes break and flood their home.

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