Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crazy Water Damage in Malibu – a Dirty Job, but Someone Has to Do It

The Villa Malibu complex of luxury rentals on Cavalleri Road may be deep inland from the coast, but sewage backflow can strike anywhere. A lethal cocktail is already possible when the area is hit by heavy floods at the same time, spreading the danger from sewage a hundredfold. In situations like this, wherein a house or multi-family complex was affected by sewage backflow and needed to have the damage fixed right away, the most reliable people for the job are the Malibu water damage specialists, like Southern California Water Damage Pros.

The full quote for the cleanup should be done after a contractor’s representative analyzes the level of damage across the affected area or areas. Karels was informed by property managers that the backflow was a result of paper towels accumulating inside the complex’s sewage grid. Things came to a head when the backflow oozed out of the showers and splattered all over the units.

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