Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Keep in Touch with Pasadena Water Damage Pros: The Wet Season is Here

After months of scorching hot temperatures, Los Angeles County was graced by rainfall at the start of November, signifying the start of California’s wet season. The Associated Press reports that the recent storm was so strong, it caused several nearby counties to issue flood and mudslide warnings that fortunately didn’t come to pass. However, weather experts told the Guardian that this year’s wet season won’t be enough to stave off the drought that grips the state. They added that while the average annual rainfall in Los Angeles County is 15.6 inches, the state received a measly 5.85 inches last year. Consequently, it could take a few more years for the rainfall amounts to “normalize”. Still, the coming of the wet season is a cue for county residents to start preparing their homes for flood and water damage.

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