Saturday, February 14, 2015

Should You Allow Pasadena Water Damage to Persist for Immunity's Sake?

The popular belief surrounding chickenpox is that you can only get it once. By the time you recover, the body would have produced the proper antibodies to counter a second invasion by the same strain. As with other diseases, this implies that you need to get sick first to develop resistance. As Pasadena water damage experts like Water Damage Pros would agree, it is never wise to leave mold growth unattended. After all, mold exposure entails certain health risks. Mold and Asthma Mold and asthma are two peas in a pod. Spores attack the respiratory tract, causing all sorts of allergic reactions that include runny nose, constant sneezing, and itchiness. Mold spores can stick to the nasal lining, resulting in complications like hay fever. Arguably, a person's only chance of steering clear of mold spores is to stay away from patches of mold growth on walls and ceilings. Otherwise, one would have to take medications or wear a dust mask in a spore-ridden zone.

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