Saturday, February 21, 2015

Water Damage in Thousand Oaks: The Need for Thorough Carpet Cleaning

Companies that provide restoration services for water damage in Thousand Oaks, like Water Damage Pros, can attest to this claim. Based on their experience, the carpet is one of the dirtiest places in a typical household, primarily because it inevitably accumulates dust, pet dander, dead skin flakes, and other particulates over time. However, the presence of moisture can further complicate matters because water stimulates the growth of bacteria, amoeba, molds, and other harmful organisms. If a wet carpet is not dried as soon as possible, it will become a potential vector for disease. Before cleaners start dehumidifying a wet carpet, they first take into account whether or not the water that came into contact with the carpet is contaminated. If the carpet soaked up rainwater or potable water, then it can be cleaned using conventional means. However, carpets and rugs drenched in groundwater or floodwater would have to be thoroughly disinfected.

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