Friday, February 6, 2015

Water Damage in Pasadena Homes: Dire Consequences When Left Unchecked

An oft-forgotten but no less dangerous cause of weakened houses is water damage to the foundations. For instance, last July 2014, two row houses in the state of Philadelphia reportedly collapsed, resulting into a number of homeless tenants. Four other homes sustained related damage. The occupants observed some cracks and bending on the doorway before the houses eventually came down. This type of damage stems from the intrusion of water brought about by heavy rains and rapidly melting snow. Damage can also result from downspouts, which are situations where landscape slopes do not direct water away from houses. These factors lead to indoors flooding and accumulation of moisture that permeates and weakens foundations. Flood waters or even wet earth surrounding the house may cause settlement of the foundation (particularly those built on poor soil) since the dampness applies pressure to the wall, causing it to lean or bend inwards.

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